The Consejería de Cultura y Turismo (Regional Ministry of Culture and Tourism) has granted us 4 green stars.

Licence No. CRA-LE-447

Our environs

Everything related to the Picos de Europa and its surrounding area. From Peñacorada peak

to the white water in Boñar, or the bounty of mycology.

Peñacorada Peak

A mountain range rising to a height of 6000 feet and which gives its name to the town, together with the Correlada natural spring.


Wide ecological diversity, a great wealth of flowers and one of the most homogenous oak forest in the district.


Our mountains offer an exceptional habitat to many of the species that are protected today.


Walks among old beech trees, poplars and elms, among which a century-old beech wood near us stands out.


Lovers of climbing have a great number of areas to practise their sport throughout the mountain environment.

Hunting and fishing

Depending on the season, our area is rich in mountains and trout streams that are known world-widw among sports lovers.



La Majada

de Peñacorada

The house

Located on a plot of 5000 square metres (54000 square feet), the house is about 150 square metres (1600 square feet). On the

ground level, there is a sitting room, toilet, fully-equipped kitchen and a dining room. On the upper floor there are three bedrooms, each

with its own bath: a master bedroom and two doubles with an extra bed in each one. Ground level, first floor, exterior views, pool. The third room communicates with the second.

The apartment

It has a traditional wood stove to create a warm and

welcoming atmosphere in the interior.

Bake oven

320 sq. feet



Located on the same plot

Natural warmth

Under the rafters

Everything you need

It was built during tha same period to bake bread and cure the products from slaughtering a pig. Today, apartment.

The ground floor is about 20 square

metres (215 sq. feet) with its sitting room and open kitchen.

On the upper floor is found this bedroom with a double bed.

It is fitted out with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

See more photos of the bake oven





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From this vantage point we are sharing the different activities that take place in the area.

En ABC-Viajes they dedicated an article to us.

(ABC is one of Spain's principal newspapers)

In the travel supplement to ABC they have reported on our rural holiday house. You can see it through our  blog.



The origin

of our house

Origin, location and description of what is today the "La Majada de Peñacorada" rural holiday house

Why are we in Fuentes de


A brief description of the origin of our town, its name and livelihood of its inhabitants. Read more...



After the storm

comes the calm

We share some images of our house, still under the snow. It offers a complete range of entertainment for adults and children

Leisure and activity companies

Our prices "Apartment"

Apartment/ 2 persons

35 €

per person

1 day   75/95 €


7 days  490/560 €

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Means of payment: bank transfer

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Our prices "The House"

4 persons

39,50 €

per person

1 day   180/225 €


1 week  1100/1300 €

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Available dates

6 persons

28,50 €

per person

1 day    210/262 €


1 week  1200/1400 €

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Available dates

10 persons

20 €

per person

1 day   270/338 €


1 week   1500/1680 €

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8 persons

25 €

per person

1 day   248/310 €


1 week  1400/1550 €

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Available dates

* Prices include tax

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If you think our private pool, garden, patio, outdoor dining area with barbecue and oven, covered parking, doll house and children's playground are not enough for you, contact us and we will be pleased to give you more information.

We would like to remind you that we do not allow pets because of hygiene concerns and that the house must be vacated between 12 noon and 1 p.m. to allow the cleaning staff to work.

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We have designed a rural holiday house, thinking about you enjoying yourselves within tranquil surroundings, among friends or with your family. We remind you that we do not allow pets.

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