Why are we in Fuentes de Peñacorada?

  • Our name

    The name of Fuentes de Peñacorada comes from the latin Fontis, genitive singular of Fons-Fontis (place of the spring). Corada-Corabda, is a pre-Roman compound of the two roots of water Cor-Cora and Bed. Peña Cora.

  • Our town

    The origin of the town dates from some time in the Middle Ages. It is believed that the ancient inhabitants established themselves on the side with the spring, since this was a perpetual and abundant source of water.


    The town is located on the side of a mountain facing south. The beauty of its surroundings make it into a lookout over nature. Its perfect location makes it possible to contemplate the rest of the mountains that surround it and the marvellous waters that flow through its cold springs do so with character and rippling on the way.

  • Inhabitants

    About 20 people live here currently, although in the summer that number is greatly increased.


    The economy is based principally on livestock husbandry, since there are large swaths of pasture shared as co-propietors.

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We have designed a rural holiday house, thinking about you enjoying yourselves within tranquil surroundings, among friends or with your family. We remind you that we do not allow pets.

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